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Gold Canyon Public Radio is supported by listeners and businesses that truly care about our community.  Your support of our business underwriters makes our local community stronger and and economically healthier.

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KRWV-FM serves the communities of Gold Canyon, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Queen Valley, Apache Junction and East Mesa.  Listening worldwide is possible with our quality Internet Stream.

Our Listening Audience

Our demographics that we reach are all ages but our prime demographics are BOTH men and women ages 45+  Our research as of October 2018 based on listener requests, e-mails and polls make up a medium age of 59 years old.  With our improved signal to the South recently our average listeners age is falling every month.  Our average listeners age in San Tan Valley is now 47.

KRWV FM 99.3 Featured Artist


Basia was born in Jaworzno, Poland in 1954 (some sources incorrectly cite 1959[1]). She had three siblings – two brothers and a sister – and her parents ran a popular ice cream parlor in the town's centre.[4] Growing up in a musical household, Basia enjoyed singing from an early age and had an extensive collection of vinyl records.[5] Her mother gave her piano lessons.

In 1969, Basia debuted as a vocalist in local band Astry and performed with them at the National Festival of Beat Avangarde in Kalisz where they came first. Always good at exact sciences, Basia was intending on studying mathematics at the Jagiellonian University, but eventually took up physics.[6] On the first year of the course she was approached by the manager of the popular Polish all-female band Alibabki who offered her performing with the group. Basia accepted the offer, dropped out of the university and started to perform with Alibabki in 1972. She toured with them in Poland and abroad, mostly in the Eastern Bloc countries, until 1974. In 1976, Basia took part in the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole as a soloist to no success.[7] From 1977 to 1979, she performed in Polish rock band Perfect, singing covers of popular songs in a Polish community center in Chicago.

Basia relocated to London with her partner in January 1981 and went on to record demo tracks for various artists.[8] It was there that she met Danny White (brother of jazz guitarist Peter White) and his collaborator Mark Reilly. The trio performed in 1983 as Bronze, but later changed the name to Matt Bianco. Their debut album Whose Side Are You On? was released in 1984 and turned out a hit across Europe. It spawned international Top 40 singles "Get Out of Your Lazy Bed", "Half a Minute", "More Than I Can Bear", and the title track. 

Basia's current 2018 release Butterflies has become the 2018's most requested allbum and artist on KRWV.

"The Wave Format (It's Unique)

If you have listened to KRWV-FM 99.3 for any length of time you know that the radio station has a unique twist musically.

Scott Kramer programs "The Wave" 99.3's unique take on music and believes in "moody radio" as he calls it.  Scott's concept for KRWV-FM is modeled around what he feels are people's activities during every hour of the day.  The radio station sounds different in the morning on Monday than it sounds on Saturday morning during the same exact hour.  Why?  Because people are performing different activities on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. vs. Monday morning at 8 a.m.  Most people I speak to on the street in our listening area say that they LOVE waking up "peacefully" on the weekends so we play New Age Music on both Saturday and Sunday mornings (6 a.m. to 9 a.m.) to ease people out of bed or for conversations with the station on in the background on the patio while sipping coffee or tea.  Monday mornings people want the basics, weather, headline news, events in the community mentioned and of course add in a little humor too.

On-the-air since the age of 15 in his hometown of Rochester, Minnesota his first radio gig Scott went on to becoming in 1985 the youngest major market radio programmer in the country in Minneapolis at WWTC and prior to that stint he did afternoons 3-6 p.m. on one of the largest radio stations in the country KDWB 101.3 also in Minneapolis.  

Scott has interviewed some of the largest names in music, Prince, LL Cool J, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Cyndi Lauper plus Sergio Mendes, and trumpeter Herb Albert to name a few.  

When Scott relocated from Minnesota to Phoenix he was hired as mid-day host on Power 92 FM for several years and over seven years on-the-air at 98.7 "The Peak" until the station chenged to all-sports radio in January 2014.

My favorite gig EVER is simply programming 99.3 "The Wave", It's like painting on canvas!  I'm able to use an unlimited amount of paint and creativity on "The Wave".  As long as the listeners continue to say hello and share wonderful comments in the grocery store or at a restaurant that's all I need to hear!  My goal is to create a refuge  from ordinary radio.  Thank you to EVERYONE for your support!  

We can't continue this great radio station without financial help so we appreciate everyone's donations!

T H A N K   Y O U!

Trump Watch with Jesse Lent


Each episode of “TrumpWatch with Jesse  Lent” explores one specific aspect of the Donald Trump administration  or the protest movements that have 

galvanized in its wake. In an age of  cable outrage over 30-second sound bites, this program aims to go beyond  the headlines and hysteria in an attempt to grasp what concrete changes  are occurring under our new government. Through speaking to  journalists, academics and activists, from famed linguist George Lakoff  to Washington Post White House correspondent Karoun Demirjian, host  Jesse Lent forgoes partisan grandstanding in search of a common  understanding of complex issues far too often dumbed down to a matter of  us versus them. 


Beginning his career as a  journalist in 2009, "TrumpWatch" host Jesse Lent received the Murray  Kempton Awards the following year for his investigative work while news  editor of Hunter College paper the Envoy. In 2011, he received the James  Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism for his reporting on  homelessness and prostitution in the South Bronx for the neighborhood  newspaper the Hunts Point Express. Jesse spent the next two years  reporting on New York City crime, politics, housing and culture, first  for the Bay Ridge-based newspapers The Home Reporter and The Brooklyn  Spectator, then later for the citywide hyperlocal website DNAinfo. While  covering breaking news for the latter publication, Jesse reported  firsthand on such major events as Hurricane Sandy, the Occupy Wall  Street protests and the 2012 presidential election. His writing has been  featured in the Huffington Post, the Queens Courier, the Wall Street  Journal's financial advisers blog, the websites Brooklyn Based and  Evolved Employer and the magazines Restaurant Business and Periscope.  Between 2013 and 2016, Jesse was the managing editor for the website  KpopStarz, transforming the site into a preeminent source for Korean  entertainment news in the U.S.


Sunday afternoons at 1:00 p.m.
(Show Length: 30 minutes)


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